Employee Engagement Strategy Blue Print

~ Employee Engagement – Let’s get the definition right. Employee Satisfaction is often mistaken as Employee Engagement. An employee’s job satisfaction, focus and happiness is equated with Employee Satisfaction whereas Employee Engagement is a measure of emotional connection of an employee with the brand. As head of the business, now question yourself – Are your […]

Brand in Making – Blinkist

Blinkist Profile: One of the most common interest that you find in everyone around is – Reading Books. Readers can be put under different buckets – hard core readers / bookworms, some just read based on their interest in a specific genre, and some are just browsers. But most of the readers, though have interest […]

Social Influence Analysis of Top Staffing and Recruitment Firms

Is there any business across industries, global or local, in the denial yet about the power of Social Media? No, I don’t think so and none should. The whole world, which consists of consumers and customers, is on Social Space, no wonder why Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter and the likes are worth millions and […]

Conspiracy Theory!!

Had a good discussion with a friend y’day about Indian politics and just came across this article titled: Indian Space Programme Is Under Threat Above story about politics within and around ISRO is just an example. With that I want everyone to understand, before getting too emotional/opiniated about any person due to made-up stories and […]