I am a ‘estudient’, “one who is studying”, constantly learning! And my subjects are ‘Technology’ and ‘Management’…
Internet (Technology) always fascinates me and Advertising (Management) is a mind game that I play more and more to learn more… I, unlike most people generally do, wont flip right past newspaper ads, always browse through the ads online and don’t leave the room during TV commercials… I love to get involved and study.

What can I handle?
Can handle constantly changing Search Engines | Technology driven Online (Display) Advertising | The nerves of Viral Social Media | The Spamy nature of Emails | Power of PR | Interacive Webinars and Podcasts | Magic of Analytics | Basically, understand how a User behaves when s/he is Online.

What are my interests?
Oh am interested in anything and everything about Internet. Call it ‘Cloud’ or ‘Virtual World’ or ‘Web’ or ‘Cyberspace’ or ‘The Net’ or just ‘Life Online’… Its the most powerful media of all time. And whats the best part of Internet?… its just evolving every passing minute!

Ask the millennium’s first teens, 2000’s first 13-year-olds, about having Telegrams, Inland Letters, Calling on Landline phones sitting at a corner table as only means of communication and they would wonder, what are we talking about! There was a survey done by Times of India (in the age group of 8-13 years across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Kochi) – if asked how do today’s kids spend their time – For most kids, surfing the net topped the list of activities they do in their free time. 100% of the kids polled said they were using the internet — 86% are on the web when they are free while 14% like to watch TV. Only 12% said they preferred reading in their spare time. When we know how Internet is shaping the scope of current and future economies, I feel real good to be part of Generation 3.0, by choice 🙂

What am I working on?
Officially: am just living my IT Staffing Services Marketing or call it Recruitment Marketing life at Aditi Staffing, Awesome place to work, learn and grow!


  • Preparing to write a paper on “Neuromarketing” AND
  • Working on the next blog on “Predictive Recruitment”

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Looking for help in setting up your digital marketing strategy?
I would be more than glad to discuss projects… shoot an email to –> INFO at RAKESHSINGH dot ME or Drop a message here – POST A REQUIREMENT

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