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Conspiracy Theory!!

Had a good discussion with a friend y’day about Indian politics and just came across this article titled: Indian Space Programme Is Under Threat Above story about politics within and around ISRO is just an example. With that I want everyone to understand, before getting too emotional/opiniated about any person due to made-up stories and […]

Animal Cruelty for Fashion

Just when you thought that footwear involving the mutilation of millions of sheep couldn’t get any ugglier, several makers of knock-off UGG-style boots have been found to use fur from animals who were beaten and skinned alive. Tests conducted on products labeled as “Australian sheepskin” found that they were actually made of raccoon dog fur, […]

Hello World! As they wish!

1st Jan 2011, when my thought became reality and I gave myself this space in the virtual world. For a very long time I’ve dithered about coalescing the various facets of my online diary-keeping. Or whether to have one or not at all. Days went by so are those random thoughts and ideas while I […]