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Experience Marketing

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Experience marketing is about developing a personal connection with prospects. When you give people a chance to try out your products/service and letting them experience the benefits for themselves instead of telling them about its features its called experience marketing. When done right, it’s the most powerful tool out there to create a connection and win brand loyalty. Prospects not only become partners with the experience they share but feel stakeholders themselves in the brand’s success.

Prospects who visit the store or interact with your product’s features online are more likely to positively identify with your brand. Customer might also connect with the brand in post purchase phase; customer service too can make a customer have a good/bad experience. From the public’s perspective this comes down to consistency and commitment. Prospects will have a more positive attitude towards the brand that provides an open and transparent environment than the brands that put customers in a controlled condition. Clearly, when a user is able to experience an event that is engaging (emotional or fun) through a store or other interactive program (regardless of the medium), s/he is most likely to become a long lasting brand ambassador.

Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing is nothing but various ways to drive traffic (internet users) to your website or a specific webpage (Landing page with current offer). Various internet marketing channels / traffic sources are:

  • Search Engines
    • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
      1. SEO – On-page Optimization
      2. SEO – Off-page Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing – SEM or Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Display Advertising
    • Banner Advertising
    • Pop-ups and Pop-under Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Social Media
    • Social Media Optimization (Increase followers/fans and keep them engaged, build communities/groups)
    • Social Media Marketing (Paid Advertising on Social Media)
    • Social Publishing (Publish your content – Videos/Presentations/Survey Reports/White-papers etc.)
    • Social Bookmarking
  • Question and Answers Sites
  • Please feel free to add more…