Conspiracy Theory!!

Had a good discussion with a friend y’day about Indian politics and just came across this article titled:

Indian Space Programme Is Under Threat

ISRO Conspiracy

Above story about politics within and around ISRO is just an example. With that I want everyone to understand, before getting too emotional/opiniated about any person due to made-up stories and huge media gimmick, try to ponder your own thought upon the third angle, that there isn’t always the two sides of a coin, that there’s a cash-cult operating behind the scenes of the conspiracy circuit … the ISRO story above might not be true, but if it is then there are some good characters (Indian Scientists) who, according to the article, were wiped off the scene as part a larger conspiracy.

That makes me think – A lot of public figures live and work in a lot of pressure… we are not well informed to make an opinion about them… Am quite sure (though I may be wrong)… that

  • Manmohan Singh is in that hot seat without his wish!
  • Priyanka Gandhi wants to get into politics but is being made to stay out!
  • Sonia Gandhi never wanted to get into politics but was pushed to!
  • A Raja (from the 2G Scam) kind of people are just small pawns who are made scapegoat
  • Digvijay Singh might be a foreign agent who made sure Pranab Mukharjee becomes President and not PM…

That also makes me think about other major issues:

  • A lot of Indian money is being blacked/shipped out just not from Congress Leaders but also from those who cry about getting it back
  • Our policies (domestic/foreign) are decided by Russians / Americans / English…
  • Linking Indian Rivers is being blocked by foreign powers
  • Presence of Chinese companies in India is not FDI, its part of a larger conspiracy

Conspiracy Theory"

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