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Brand wars on Facebook – Brand Interactions Are the Future

// March 10th, 2011 // No Comments » // Social Media

I am a just a couple of days late in writing this story but would not make it a dead thought. Just a few days back my wife, Sumana Samuk informed me about Spicejet Airline (one of the clients she handles) is surpassing fan base on Facebook, with their very close competitor Jet Airways. As an outsider, I have been a close witness to the amount of work and dedication that has gone into it.

A study done by Performics and ROI research confirms continued expansion of the role of social networking in users’ personal lives:
• 51% of respondents say social sites are the best way to communicate with friends and family
• 39% of Twitter users respond to other people’s tweets once a week or more
• More than 30% of respondents access Facebook and/or Twitter from their mobile phone once a day or more

Though the reference can be considered a bit old, study was done in first half of 2010, basic fact remains intact. And that is – social media permeates consumers’ lives and affects their communication, shopping and other activities.

This is getting all the way important for brands to not only keep their micro-interactions with consumers intact. Micro-interactions are in layman’s term nothing but everyday acquaintances that consumers have with a product, brand or service. Each one, in and of itself, give an insignificant impression, but combined they identify how your audience feel about your product, brand or service at a gut emotional level.

So what is Jet Airways/Kingfisher Planning??