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Top mCommerce Trends in 2012

// January 13th, 2012 // No Comments » // Digital Marketing, Mobile

Mobile has been personal to consumers and being web-enabled this media has been ever evolving to be explored by marketers. At the onset of 2012, Mobile commerce has taken off to an unprecedented degree. Retail markets along with other top eCommerce platforms are experimenting to give their consumers the best shopping experience.

Let us explore the top mCommerce trends in 2012.

  • Point of sale – NFC and Cellphones
  • Technology is moving faster than consumers’ comfort levels. [Read my last post to understand the basic difference between NFC v/s QR Code v/s Bar Code]. Every 3-6 months there is something new. We need to wait and watch what stays as its directly proportional to its consumerization. NFC (Near-Field-Communication) chip making us fast approaching the time when the bulk of our purchases will be made via the Mobile phones.

    As more and more people do mobile banking, there’ll be more purchasing with mobile phones and the new technologies (NFC enabled Google Wallet | Intuit Gopayment etc.) are making their way in biggest retail markets across globe.

  • Business Perspective of Social Media
  • Does your marketing strategy allows you to not only sell products through social media, but also create brand ambassadors from consumers themselves? Top retailers have understood this and they are on it 24×7. Sumana Samuk, a Social Media expert, explains this in her interview with Business Today, “At times, people get so possessive about a brand that they come to the brand’s defence when someone else criticises it”.

    Mobile enables marketers to be interactive with their consumers on a real time basis. But there are some dirty little secrets of the game. First of all are all your followers are serious followers? Nope, there are only 40% of your followers who are genuine. Another dirty secret is about how many of your followers/fans are on it all the time? Twitter feeds, for example stream fast, but are all last 100 tweets are dead tweets? Not really, believe me! Twitteratis are always on it. Among those genuine followers, a very small percentage is actually reading posts as it goes live on your page or twitter stream as others tweet. So how small is this small percentage? Its significant, especially when mobile has made this number of your fans/followers to growing every passing minute. A comScore study says, Mobile Social Networking Audience Grew 44 Percent Over Past Year in EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom).

    So, when did you or your agency last monitor your Twitter on a Sunday evening and respond to a complaint in real time?

  • Smart Phone Sales are UP!
  • Above two trends make it obvious that the Smartphones sales are going up and 2012 will see more of this. Biggest show stealer in 2011 are Android phones with (I don’t wana say its coz of Angry Birds though)… and ofcourse Apple’s iOS is not behind. Here are some figures:

    Smartphones OS Marketshare

    comScore Reports November 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber
    Gartner’s Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System

    Android, being on Open Standards, allow vendors to deliver Android-based devices and continue to fight for market share. More a reason for customer’s rejoice as prices will further decrease. Android is going to maintain its strong position at all ends of the market through 2014. Greatest volume opportunity for all major players in the longer term will be in the mid- to low-cost smartphones, above all in evolving markets. Wondering, if everyone’s favourite Apple is listening!!

NFC v/s QR Code v/s Bar Code

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This is a classic example of how fast technology world is changing in search for the better and the faster life. How many of you actually used the QR codes even once to get further information on a product or service? The QR code is already on its way out (as has been the buzz). What’s replacing QR Codes? There is something called near-field-communication (NFC) chips…

Let us understand the technologies in the order we have used them and are going to use:

Bar Codes -> QR Codes -> NFC Chips

Bar Codes – You might have come across the use of BAR Codes on each and every product you buy from supermarket while checking out of the store. Its a linear or 1 dimensional representation of Data in the form of parallel liines with varied widths. A Bar codes once scanned will give information about the product for billing which has automated the tasks and provide important information about the inventory.

Bar Code Image

QR Codes – also called as matrix barcode (2D) or Quick Response Codes. The only change that QR Codes brought is the fast readability and comparitively large storage of data in it. Its usage was more than that of Bar Codes in the sense that you can get almost all the updated information about that specific product of the brand including user reviews and special offers.

QR Code Sample Image

NFC – Near-Field-Communication chip works on RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Technology, wherein radio waves are used to transfer data from an electronic tag attached to an battery run object (primarily a mobile phone). Now NFC is not only smarter in terms of being faster and being able to handle much larger capacity of data but also there is no need to take your device to scan the code. RFID Tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader. it also enables parallel bulk reading, unlike earlier codes where user had to scan one code at one go. A smartphone or tablet with an NFC chip could make a credit card payment or serve as keycard or ID card. NFC devices can read NFC tags on a museum or retail display to get more information or an audio or video presentation. NFC can share a contact, photo, song, application, or video or pair Bluetooth devices. More on NFC and its possible applications – Read Here

Near field communication

Marketers would be mostly interested in the deployment probabilities of NFC and how well it gels well with consumers. It all depends on the business case it carries for brands, retailers and most importantly the experience it initiates for the consumers. Any technology will not be a hit just because its available. If only consumers say that they are loving it, it can be made that they start living it. What we are talking about is the integration of NFC with the mobile technology, media which is growing much faster than any other media. Mobile formats (SMS, QR Code, image recognition, audio recognition or NFC) enable end customer to initiate an interaction with a commercial interest.

NFC’s adoption is indisputable, only delay would be to decide on the standards and formats based on its usage. Although its already deployed in Asian markets, NFC’s use is capricious for the most part of marketers and users in terms of the value proposition it will carry, hence there is still a delay in adoption in the biggest internet/mobile market, the US.

What else is changing, to change the way you and me live?? :)