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Have heard enough, but what is Pinterest?

// February 29th, 2012 // No Comments » // Digital Marketing, Social Media

Some say its another big wave in the social networking world. If we agree with those some, then the question is, does it allow you to share what you are upto? how are ya feeling today? what you love/hate most? whom are you angry/in love with today? which side of the bed you got up today or whose face did you see first see in the morning? falana-dhimkana i.e.,bla bla bla… that is what most of us are interested in right? and too add to it then how others react on those emotions of yours and others for the day… of ‘awww cho chweet’ types of reactions among the most famous ones…

Well, if thats what a Social Network offers, then YES Pinterest is one of that kind which gives you the same feeling. Its just different in a way about how it lets you share things. So how do you share what you like on Do you remember, how we used to clip out our favorite actors/animals/places images and pasted them in our drawing books, scrap books or push-pinned them to boards, pasted them on walls? This is exactly what you do on, virtually pinning your favorite images onto a board. People “pin” images that they find interesting on internet and “re-pin” those images from people they follow. People also get a chance to exercise their organizational sensibilities by act of creating “boards” and pinning images to them.

No wonder, why Pinterest attracted women at first place? Wouldn’t a girl want to know ways to apply makeup, to sit down and still have a flat stomach (this kind of everyone wants to know :p), cool hairstyles to try for the d-day or interesting designs for her bags matching to what she is gona wear for a specific event, etc etc etc.


Whats in here for marketers? Recent shift in online consumer’s behavior from Search to Discovery is what fueling the growth of as that is what Pinterest lets users do. Discover what they like, for instance you are out to buy a camera/lens. You will first go to your friends’ board who are photographers or passionate about photography or atleast are interested in photography. You discover what you want, organize it by pinning or re-pinning onto your board and take an informed decision. The very nature of this is going to attract eyes of retailers. You can get your virtual store literally on and let people not only re-pin but comment on it. Clearly a Word of mouth for your product or ideas. It quite work as how retweet works, anyone can “repin” (retweet) one of your images/pics (tweets) to one of their own boards, making content go virally hot.

Everyone is aware of Mark Zuckerberg, there is no harm in knowing who are founders of, fastest growing website in Social circles. Pinterest was co-founded by X-Google Ben Silberman, Investment specialist Paul Sciarra, and X-Facebook and Pinterest Designer Evan Sharp.

From left, founders Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann, and Evan Sharp Mathew
From left, founders Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann, and Evan Sharp
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